A lot of our clients – both here in Adelaide and across Australia – are unsure what platform they should use to build their new website.

At Built – we are platform agnostic – we have many years of experience building across a number of different content management systems, and with different programming languages.

The only thing we’re really skeptical of are proprietary CMS platforms that will tie you to a specific developer (read: they’re expensive and awkward if you ever want to use another developer).

But often, we find ourselves suggesting WordPress. Why?

Huge Development Community

WordPress accounts for 1 out of 5 websites on the web. Yes – 1 in five. 20% of the entire internet is WordPress based.

When you consider that 3 out of 5 websites don’t even use a content management system, those are seriously impressive numbers.

The benefit such a massive presence on the web is that there are many, many developers who work on WordPress, both in Australia and abroad.

This means that there is lots of code and a massive community to support the platform.

Why do you care? It makes our lives as developers easier, which means we can do more with less effort. That reduces cost!

Extensible Architecture

WordPress is massively extensible. What does this mean?

Well – a vanilla WordPress installation is very basic out of the box. A blog, some pages, that’s about it.

However, WordPress has the ability to plug in ecommerce, bookings, store locators and more.

Need to integrate with your ERP or Account management like Xero? There’s likely a pre-built intergration for that too.

And why does this matter? Again – it serves to reduce cost. Meaning you can do more for less.


WordPress is a very secure platform, and thanks to the large number of developers who work on the platform day in, day out – any vulnerabilities are patched quickly.

And to really beef up your WordPress security, again, there are a number of free and paid options thanks to WordPress’ broad development community.

Getting started

Are you an Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney based business that wants to get started with WordPress – but aren’t quite sure where to start? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your next project!

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