With the rise of Google, we are often asked by our clients on how they can rocket up the rankings on their WordPress, Shopify or Magento based websites.

Never try to beat Google

This needs to go first. Never try and outsmart Google. They’ll figure out your game quick smart, and punish you for it.

Like almost anything in life, with SEO there is no such thing as a free lunch.

How does Google work?

Google uses a number of different ‘signals’ to determine search engine rankings. These include obvious metrics like keyword matches (i.e. if the text on your website matches the terms search), but also includes:

  • The number of inbound links to your website
  • Whether or not your website is secure
  • The age of your website
  • How often your website is updated
  • Whether or not your website is optimised for display on mobile
  • The speed that your website loads
  • The location of your website’s hosting
  • And many, many more signals

What Google is trying to do is deliver up the best search results for it’s customers.

Deliver the best experience possible

This one is simply. Start out by trying to deliver the best experience possible to your customers and clients.


Google loves websites that are loaded with quality, local content. If you do this as a matter of standard process, you’ll be a long way ahead of your competitors.

And intuitively, your customers will love you for it too. It just makes good business sense!

Localise where possible

If you’re a skilled professional selling a traditional service in Adelaide, it’s unlikely that you are able to service in Melbourne. So when writing content, try and include keywords that signal to Google that you’re useful to client’s in your key service market.

If possible, drill down on suburbs (For instance – use Blackwood or Burnside instead of Adelaide; Collingwood or Camberwell instead of Melbourne; Darlinghurst or Dulwich Hill instead of Sydney).

However, if you’re a business like us here at Built that can utilise modern communication tools to service customers locally and abroad – then consider your potential markets and be sure to tailor your content to those groups.

Share your knowledge, often

You’re the expert in your field – your customers and clients come to you because you know what you do, inside and out.

Use your website to share this knowledge through the use of a blog or by expanding on your service page content.

Google loves this type of knowledge based content as it improves the search content they can deliver.

Plus – it’s likely to deliver a new lead or ten!

Use Australian (or local to your key market) hosting

If you’re an Australian based host, use Australian based hosting. It delivers the fastest response, which is a better customer experience.

The drawback is that Australian hosting tends to be more expensive, but often it is not prohibitively so.

And if you need assistance moving your website from a US or Asian based host, we can assist there too.

Always consider the user experience

Are you detecting a common theme?

Being successful in SEO is about considering your users, and optimising your website for them.

It’s really a win-win proposition; your existing customer and client base will love you for it, and you’re likely to win new customers by delivering a great web experience.

Want to take the next step in SEO?

Are you based in Adelaide (or even in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth!) and wanting to take the next step in getting your website up to scratch?

Don’t hesitate in contacting us – we’d love to work with you!

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