Run a business in Adelaide (or somewhere else!) and have just had your website hacked? We can help!

We’d love to say that this never happens… but with industry figures quoting that the average website receives over 22 cyber attacks per day – it’s no suprise that eventually one of these attacks will ‘stick’ and penetrate your website’s defences.

I’ve been hacked, what do I do now?

First thing is first – contact us. Built can implement a strategy to get you back online as soon as possible.

But more broadly, we suggest taking down your website in the immediate term. That may involve invoking a landing page, letting your customers know that your site is temporarily down for maintenance.

This allows breathing room to deal with the hack, but also avoids any loss of trust with your customers and clients.

The process

All too often, hacks will manipulate a website’s files or database to send traffic to nefarious properties, where hackers will further attempt to phish your customer’s details or install malicious code on their device.

Built specialise in identifying where hacks have occured, cleaning code and databases and getting your site back online as quickly as possible and have done this for many Adelaide and Australian businesses and not for profits.

I need my site fixed, like yesterday!

We understand! Just contact us and we’ll be in touch to get your site fixed ASAP.

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