If you’re a traditional business that has moved online, it’s likely that you’re looking to generate new business through as well as provide a new touch point for exisitng customers.

But after developing your new website – or perhaps having an old one for a number of years – you’ve found that the leads aren’t coming in as thick and fast as you might like?

Get your house in order

The first step is to make sure that your site is optimised for generating leads. What does this mean?

First thing is first – you want your site to be easy to use. Customers should be able to navigate your site quickly, easily and find the content they want.

And that brings us to content – your site needs to have content that is relevant to your customers or clients; such that they understand the services you provide and build trust that you are experts in your field.

Finally – once you have nurtured these warm-almost-leads, it needs to be easy for them to convert into a real-life-lead.

While getting your house in order, it helps to approach your website as if you were a potential customer or client, with a view to understanding how the site is actually used.

It can also help to have friends or family review your site – or conscript the services of a web designer (we’re happy to help!) to audit your site.

Build Traffic

Once you have your site up to scratch, you need to ensure that people are seeing your site!

There are a multitude of ways to generate traffic these days – Google Adwords, Display Advertising, Social Advertising and SEO are popular digital advertising channels.

And of course, you can leverage traditional channels to push traffic towards your website. Print, outdoor and other traditional advertising methods should always include your website address in the call to action.

Be Responsive

Once you’ve optimised your site and have increased traffic – the leads will come rolling in.

But from here, it’s really important to make sure you are responsive to leads – it’s a competitive environment and your customers have likely enquired with several other firms.

Be sure to put the effort into responding to customers promptly, otherwise all your hard work could be all for nothing.

Want help improving your lead generation?

The team here at Built are always keen to take on new projects with a focus on improving lead generation. Whether you’re based here in Adelaide or elsewhere in Australia (we have client’s all over – from Perth to Sydney, even a few in Hobart!) – flick us an email and let’s talk!

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