Set up a blog and looking to harness the power of to transform your site? We can help.

We often come across clients who set up a based website, not realising that the “dot com” incarnation of WordPress is a very different beast to the “dot org” WordPress that we know and love here at Built.

So what’s the difference?

Well, firstly, is hosted by WordPress itself. The hosting isn’t ridiclously priced, but the version of WordPress operates within a ‘walled garden’ and developers don’t have full access to modify the site code.

This means you typically end up with a very plain, basic and sometimes unprofessional blog-style website.

On the other hand, is ‘self-hosted’. That means hosting is BYO; you partner with a host and install the software on your host’s server.


On the subject of hosting, we typically recommend partnering with a host that is close to where your clients live. So if you are an Adelaide based electrician; we recommend using Adelaide based hosting (or Melbourne/Sydney hosting). However, if you are an online retailer that is based in Perth but has the majority of visitors in Melbourne, we’d recommend partnering with a host that is based close to that majority of your visitors in Melbourne.

Why do I need to host

By hosting the software on a piece of server space that you rent, you are able to control the code in it’s entirety. That means for us as developers, we can fully control the way that the site looks and functions – meaning you’re able to have a professional, modern and completely bespoke website.

All the while, you’re able to leverage the fantastic pool of plugins and development code that has.

How Hard is it?

Migrating from to can be complex, but it is something that Built can assist your business with – whether it be a simple migration onto your own hosting or full-scale custom site re-build, we’re up for it!

Where to from here?

Want to take the next step? Contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as.

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